ERGSTE® 1.4197 YU

Stainless martensitic hardening steel - Stock standard


Material standard:
DIN EN X20CrNiMoS13-1
AISI 420F Mod. 

Material description:
Ergste® 1.4197YU is a sulfur-alloyed martensitic stainless steel with 13 % chromium content and high corrosion resistance. Due to the addition of sulphur machinability is improved. Furthermore, the element molybdenum induces a higher corrosion resistance in comparison with Ergste® 1.4035YU. In conducting an appropriate heat treatment, a maximum hardness of 53 HRC* can be achieved.
* Maximum hardness achievable under ideal hardening conditions

Chemical analysis (%): 

Element in percent:
ERGSTE® 1.4197 YU
0,20 – 0,26
Si max.
Mn max.
P max.
0,15 – 0,27
12,50 – 14,00
1,10 – 1,50
0,75 – 1,50

Mechanical properties:
Tensile strength, Rm: 750 – 1000 MPa.

Cold drawn, annealed, ground, polished.

Physical properties:
Density:                                     7,7 kg/dm3
Modulus of elasticity, E 20°C:       215 GPa

Delivery form:
Lengths of 3000 mm (±50 mm)

ERGSTE® 1.4197 YU is magnetizable.

Weldability of Ergste® 1.4197YU is possible to a limited extent.

Soft-soldering is possible.

Corrosion resistance:
The optimum corrosion resistance can be achieved in the hardened and tempered condition. The best precondition to accomplish the optimum corrosion resistance is electronic polishing followed by passivation treatment. In this condition Ergste® 1.4197YU is resistant against water and water vapour. Due to the higher molybdenum content Ergste® 1.4197YU shows a higher corrosion resistance in comparison with Ergste® 1.4035YU.

According to DIN EN 10278 – ISO h07

Diameter: ISO h07 [mm]
>1 to 3 +0/-0,010
>3 to 6 +0/-0,012
>6 to 10 +0/-0,015

Stock dimensions:

Dia. [mm] Tol. EN ISO Rm [MPa] Ends
3,00 h7 750 – 1000 Both chamfered
4,00 h7 750 – 1000 Both chamfered
5,00 h7 750 – 1000 Both chamfered
6,00 h6 750 – 1000 Chamfered / pointed
8,00 h6 750 – 1000 Chamfered / pointed

Dimension range 0,70 – 25 mm are offered on request. 

Typical applications:
Dental instruments, milling cutters, drills, surgical instruments, cutting tools and needles.

Test and documentation:
Certificate according to EN 10204/3.1.  

ERGSTE is a Zapp® brand name. Zapp® is a registered trademark of Zapp AG.
Zapp holds the following certificates and approvals: ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 for automotive applications, AS 9100 for aeronautical applications, Pressurized Container Directives 97/23/EC and AD2000-W0.
Zapp-group representatives in Scandinavia: B.B.S. i Halmstad AB.
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