LC 200 N

Nitrogen alloyed tool steel



LC 200 N is a high nitrogen alloyed tool steel which exhibits superior corrosion resistance combined with high toughness even at a hardness up to 60 HRc. LC 200 N combines the PESR- (Pressurized Electric Slag Remelting) process with a smart forging technology. This
process route offers an increase in cleanliness and a homogeneous microstructure. Advantages of this steel is its excellent machinability and polishability as well as high dimensional stability after heat treatment. LC 200 N can therefore be a solution for tools facing high static and dynamical load under a high corrosive environment at higher temperatures.


  • Food industry, blades, portioning and filling units
  • Pump components, spindles, extrusion- and proportioning units for chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Tablet tooling
  • Mirror-polished dies for plastics industry
  • Shredder knives, granulations and pelletizers for recycling industry

Chemical composition

Element Content
C 0,3 %
Cr 15,0 %
Mo 1,0 %
Mn Max.1,0 %
Ni Max.0,5%
N Max.0,5 %


Soft annealed 7,72 g/cm3
Hardened 7,67 g/cm3


Round bar 19 - 445 mm dia
Flat bar Thickness 40 - 400 mm
Plate Thickness 4,6 - 8,5 mm

This material is provided in collaboration with our principal Zapp Precision Metals GmbH.
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