Fastener class

Parts of the international standard ISO 898-1 for bolts, screws and studs made of carbon steels and alloy steel.

The standard is applicable to bolts, screws and studs:

  • Made of carbon steel or alloy steel
  • Having triangular ISO metric screw thread in accordance with ISO 68-1.
  • With coarse pitch thread M1,6 to M39, and fine pitch thread M8x1 to M39x3.
  • With diameter/pitch combinations in accordance with ISO 261 and ISO 262, and
  • having thread tolerances in accordance with ISO 965-1, ISO 965-2 and ISO 965-4.

It is not applicable to set screws and similar threaded fasteners not under tensile stress (see ISO 898-5). It does not specify requirements for such properties as: weldability, corrosion resistance, resistance to shear stress, torque/clamp force performance or fatigue resistance.

Property classes (bolts, screws and studs): 

Fastener class Tensile Strength
Rm, nom 
Tensile strength (Min)
Rm min
Yield strength
Rp0.2, nom
Yield strength (Min)
Rp0.2 min
Elongation after fracture
d ≤ 16 mm
800 800 640 640 12
d > 16 mm
800 830 640 660 12
d ≤ 16 mm
900 900 720 720 10
10.9 1000 1040 900 940 9
12.9 1200 1220 1080 1100 8

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