Business concept


The Company

B.B.S. works in niches of the total steelmarket. B.B.S. is mainly manufacturers agent. Our task is to in an always correct manner to take best possible care of the interests of our customers and principals.


Our customers shall whenever possible be end-users to enable a close and direct contact between the user of the material and our principals. A close contact shall also be established with stock-holding distributors who can offer the user deliveries J-I-T. Our customers are qualified Nordic engineering industries and major stock-holders.


Our principals should be among the market leaders in their respective field of application. Sales should be of long time nature.


Our principals shall have well developed and documented Q.A. systems to ISO 9001. We shall be well aquainted with Quality Assurance.



The quality of our staff is improved with interesting work tasks, an informal atmosphere, pleasant environment and modern aids. Further education shall be a part of our activity. Toward customers and principals we shall work the same way as we wish them to work towards ourselves.


Profitability is achieved by customers and principals finding us for the right partner when it comes to qualified materials. Together with our principals and customers we shall strive to develop products which technically gives our customers advantages and thereby justify a higher price.