GDPR, privacy and marketing

  1. Generally

This privacy policy describes how B.B.S. i Halmstad AB (”BBS”), 556465-5354, Industrivägen 3, 302 41 Halmstad collect, process, share and store personal data.

  • The Privacy Policy applies when BBS provides products and services related to purchase, service issues, quotes and other contact with BBS, such as visits on our home page, visits to fairs etc.
  • You will be able to feel safe when you submit your personal information to us. This Privacy Policy has been established to show that we process your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  1. Data controller

BBS is responsible for managing your personal information. BBS is responsible for processing according to current legislation.

  1. What personal data do we handle?

We handle the following personal information:

  • First name and family name
  • Address
  • Telephone number (direct number, mobile phone number)
  • E-mail
  • Account Number (on an agreement with an individual company, a commercial company or a trade in private individuals).
  • Personal identification number (may be in the case of an agreement with an individual company, a commercial company or a private person).
  • Payment details (upon agreement with private company, commercial company or private trade).
  • We use cookies for the function to analyze the traffic on the site. Google Analytics is an analytical tool that helps website and app owners to investigate how visitors are using the sites. Google Analytics uses cookies for collecting user information on the web pages. Individual visitors, however, are not specified individually. We save data in Google Analytics for 26 months.
  1. When do we process personal data?

BBS manages personal data to fulfill agreements, follow-up of quotes, market our products and services. We also handle contacts that are important to our business, such as service and purchase of data and IT equipment, warehouse and office equipment, snowmobile and local care, contacts with insurance companies, accountants and lawyers.

  1. Why do we process personal data?

BBS processes personal data for various purposes such as:

  • Comply with our contractual obligations such as for execution of purchase, invoicing, and support.
  • Provide customer service, quotes or other support.
  • Provide information and direct marketing to the right contact person by mail, email and phone about our products, services and events.
  • Manage our customer relationship by providing the correct information to the correct contact person.
  • Assess which payment methods we can offer, for example, through credit assessments. (Applies to agreements with an individual company, trading company or private person).
  • Improve our customer offer by issuing supplier evaluation forms.
  • Managing supplier contacts and for the business other important contacts.
  • Prevent fraud and risk management.
  • Follow applicable laws and accounting laws.
  • Backing up our server.
  • To provide the market our own (employee) contact details.
  • CRM program with our contacts (customers, prospects, suppliers, transporters, agreements)
  • To keep track of employee wages, benefits, contact information, sickness absence etc.
  • To keep track of who are contact persons for quality and environmental issues with our suppliers.
  • Maintain job descriptions (requirements according to ISO 9001)
  • "ICE" for contact with relatives in an emergency event.
  • To maintain contact information with our principals.
  1. The legal grounds for processing personal data

BBS processes personal data based on a number of legal bases such as:

  • Contractual obligations to carry out sales.
  • For administration and order history.
  • For traceability of drawings, material certificates and for our materials and products other significant commitments.
  • For payments of fees, salaries and commissions.
  • Interesting balance to provide the correct contact to the correct contact person. This may include, for example, information about financial matters for the financial controller, product information for purchasers. Information about events to our customer contacts.
  • To comply with accounting laws.
  1. How long do we save personal data?
    • Practice is that personal data is only saved as long as there is a need for the data to be saved and that they are used to fulfill the purposes for why they were collected. BBS may save personal data for longer if there is reason, for example, through current legislation, legal process, agreement or under special circumstances.
    • You can at any time, rectify, or oppose the processing of your personal information by contacting However, we reserve ourselves against the fact that certain personal data linked to agreements, legal obligations, or with the help of a single interest may be stored longer on legal basis.

  2. Summary of personal data processing

Personal data is handled by BBS in the following systems and applications:

System/ Application:


Telephone switch

Maintain contacts

Backup (3rd party IT-company)

Data security. (Backed up information from CRM systems, server data, Microsoft Exchange and Outlook data.

Web site

Provide the market with our contact information.

Mobile phones

For mobile availability of our contact information

CRM System

Our contacts (customers, prospects, suppliers, carriers, agreements, contact history)

Microsoft Exchange

Our contacts (customers, prospects, suppliers, carriers, agreements, contact history)

Microsoft Outlook

Our contacts (customers, prospects, suppliers, carriers, agreements, contact history)

Printer, scanner

For quick access to regular contacts

Label printer

Address details

Shipping data base

Address details

Payrole software


Administration program

Business Administration Program (Quotations, Orders, Purchases, Stocks, Contracts, Price Lists, etc.). Customer and supplier database.

Data file: Approved suppliers

To keep track of who are contact persons for quality and environmental issues with our suppliers.

Data file: Job descriptions

According to ISO 9001, job descriptions of employees are a requirement.

Data file: Family List (ICE)

"ICE" for contact of relatives in an emergency event.


As an agency agency, BBS may provide personal information to our main contractors (3rd party) in order to establish agreements, offer and serve our customers.


In cases where personal data are required to be able to maintain an agreement, BBS may disclose individual personal data to suppliers (3rd party)


In cases where personal data are required to be able to maintain an agreement, BBS may disclose single personal data to carriers (3rd party)


In cases where personal data are required to establish or maintain an agreement, BBS may disclose individual personal data to consultants (3rd party)

  1. Who do we provide personal information to?
    • BBS may disclose personal information to third parties, such as to group companies, principals, suppliers, transporters, consultants and other partners. It may be that a shipment ends with the right person, an order with our principals is confirmed to the correct contact, technical communication can be made between supplier and end customer.
    • Third parties who have taken part in personal information from BBS may only use the information for the purpose of for what it was given.
    • BBS will under no circumstances sell your personal information to third parties.

  2. Managing your rights

    • BBS is responsible for processing your personal data in accordance with applicable legislation.
    • Upon request or on its own initiative, BBS will correct, adjust, delete or supplement information that is found incorrectly. With reservation for information held on legal basis.
    • You are entitled to request:
  • Access to your personal information. This means that you are entitled to receive information from BBS about which systems and applications your personal data are processed and what personal data is being processed.
  • Correction of your personal data. Upon request, we will correct incorrect or incomplete information about you as soon as possible.
  • Delete your personal information in cases where we do not save them on legal basis.
  • Limitation of your personal information, for example, if you do not wish to be contacted on mobile phone, or do not wish to receive newsletters, stock lists, Christmas cards or have other information sent to you.
  • To contact the Supervisory Authority, "Datainspektionen", to review the processing of personal data within our organization.
  1. Privacy Incident

    • In case of privacy incidents that may pose risks to human rights, such as losing control of their duties that may involve discrimination, identity theft, fraud, harmful spread of reputation, financial loss or breach of confidentiality, BBS shall take the necessary measures and if required, within 72 hours, report this to "Datainspektionen". And as far as possible, inform the affected people.
    • BBS shall document all privacy incidents of personal nature.

Privacy policy dated: 2018-05-16