ERGSTE® 1.4568 GA


Precipitation hardening steel;
Stainless Chromium – Nickel - Steel

DIN EN 10 088-2 ; DIN EN 10 151;
ISO 6931 - 2: X7CrNiAl17-7

ASTM 631; AISI  S17700 (UNS)      (USA)
JIS G43135: SUS 301 631-CSP       (Japan)

Material description:
Typical analysis in percent by weight:

C Si Mn Cr Ni Al
0,07 0,6 0,8 17 7 1

Typical mechanical values at room temperature, solution annealed:
Tensile strength Rm:        700 – 850 MPa
0,2 % Yield point Rp0,2:    270 – 350 MPa
Elongation A80:               >35 %  

Physical properties at room temperature solution annealed:

Density 7,9 kg/dm³
Elastic-Modul: 205 GPa
Thermal conductivity: 15 W/(mK)
Specific heat: 490 J/(kgK)
Specific electrical resistance: 0,80 Ωmm2/m
Thermal expansion: 20 – 100°C: 15,5   10-6/K
  20 – 400°C: 17,5   10-6/K

Form of delivery:
ERGSTE® 1.4568GA is produced as precision strip in the thickness range from 0,035 mm to 2,0 mm. The possible width is in between 3 mm to 750 mm, whereas the width should be ten times greater than the thickness. Tolerances are in accordance to DIN EN ISO 9445.

Possible conditions for delivery are:
Solution annealed (soft) in accordance to DIN EN 10 088 – part 2, procedure 2R, or work hardened (hard) in accordance to DIN EN 10 151 procedure 2H with tensile strength up to maximum 1800 MPa.

The mechanical values of ERGSTE® 1.4568GA can be adjusted after stamping the parts by heat treatment. The following chart gives an overview:

Condition     CT*             PH760**    PH950***
TS (Rm)        +200-400    1350        1570 MPa
YS (Rp0,2)      +250-450    1250        1470 MPa
at room temperature

*delivery condition work hardened to higher tensile strength:
tempering 480°C / 1h increase in TS and YS is named related to the delivery condition
** delivery condition annealed:
2nd annealing 760°C / 35min; cooled to <+14°C / 30min; tempering 480°C / 1h
*** delivery condition annealed:
2nd annealing 950°C / 15min; cooled to < -70°C / 1h; tempering 515°C / 1h

Technical properties:
ERGSTE® 1.4568GA is a corrosion resistant steel with good formability in soft condition.

The work hardening is greater than other austenitic stainless steels, similar to 1.4310.

The use of ERGSTE® 1.4568GA is indicated, if stress applied parts were exposed to higher temperatures or if spring parts have to be formed in soft condition with additional hardening. Please contact our technicians for details.

ERGSTE® 1.4568GA is conditional weldable.

For machining high quality tooling is required, like for all stainless steels. Polishing is possible.

ERGSTE® 1.4568GA in annealed condition shows low magnetism witch increases with cold forming.

Typical applications:
In hard condition: Highly stressed spring parts. Spring parts exposed to higher temperature.

In soft condition: Spring parts which have to be formed in soft condition (spring back effect).

Disclaimer of warranty
The data shown are for informational purposes only. They do not represent guaranteed minimum or maximum values or guaranteed product characteristics.
Source: Zapp Werkstoffblatt 1.4568GA.
Subject to typing errors.

ERGSTE is a Zapp® brand name.
Zapp® is a registered trademark of Zapp AG.
Zapp holds the following certificates and approvals: ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 for automotive applications.
Zapp-group representatives in Scandinavia: B.B.S. i Halmstad AB.